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The hour of sport

Each group will do sports at least once a week following healthy habits. This way the comprehensive education offered by La Nau is completed. With these activities we aim that infants who do not play sports often play them as a habit for being fit and improving their health.

  • Relay march

This is a relay race-walking. The baton is a glass of water and the winner is the team who carries more water to the finish line.

  • Giant volleyball

In this modality of volleyball, the team is formed by 10 players and the size of the court is bigger.

  • Difilotes

We divide the group into two equal and mixed sub-groups and compete. In this game, there are two balls of different size. The court is similar to a football field, but there are two goals in each side and two balls of different sizes.

The objective is scoring in the goal of the opposing team. The big ball can only be thrown with one hand. It cannot be touched with the feet nor blocked with two hands. The small ball can only be pulled with the feet, but shooting is forbidden. Every time the ball is scored, they shout: Filooooot!