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A few years ago, Jordi was inoculated with an academic virus that renders him useless of any productive tasks other than reading quite a lot, thinking a bit and writing a few. He hasn’t quite recovered since and most the correspondence addressing him as “Professor Paniagua” ends with “unfortunately your paper is rejected”.

Jordi Paniagua is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Valencia, Department of Applied Economics II since September 2017.  He is also research associate at the Institute of International Economics at the University Jaume I of Castellón and research fellow Chair of Energy Sustainability at the University of Barcelona. He is also lecturing tutor at the National Distance Education University (UNED).

Jordi received his MSc in telecommunications engineering from the UPV in 2000 and studied economics at night while engineering networks in Nuremberg and Barcelona. He received this MSc in Economics from the UNED in 2008 and his PhD in Economics from the UCV in 2012.

His research interests are varied and span from gravity models in international economics to social media networks in economics and business. His teaching fields have been [too!] many including applied economics and econometrics. His most recent is focused on foreign direct investment (FDI) and its interplay with migration, trade law, energy and social media networks.

Selected Papers


Myburgh, A., & Paniagua, J. (2016). Does International Commercial Arbitration Promote Foreign Direct Investment? The Journal of Law and Economics, 59(3), 597-627. [DOI] [PDF] [Online Appendix] [Slides] [Blog]

Costa-Campi, M.T., Paniagua, J., & Trujillo, E. (2018) Is energy market integration a green light for FDI? Energy Journal, 39, 39-56. [DOI] [PDF] [Slides]

Paniagua, J., Sapena, J., & Tamarit, C. (2017). Sovereign debt spreads in EMU: The time-varying role of fundamentals and market distrust. Journal of Financial Stability, 33, 187–206. [DOI] [PDF] [Slides] [Dataset]


Paniagua, J., & Sapena, J. (2014). Business Performance and Social Media: Love or Hate? Business Horizons. 57(6), 719-728. [DOI] [PDF] [Prezi] [Dataset] [Best paper award] [Wikipedia]

Paniagua, J., & Sapena, J. (2014). Is FDI doing good? A golden rule for FDI ethics. Journal of Business Research, 67(5), 807–812. [DOI] [PDF] [Prezi] [Best paper award]

Paniagua, J., Korzynski, P., & Mas-Tur, A. (2017). Crossing borders with social media: Online social networks and FDI. European Management Journal, 35(3), 314-326. [DOI] [PDF] [Prezi]