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Functional recovery is the main objective in acute and chronic pathologies, both in preventive and therapeutic approaches. In addition, it has gathered significant scientific evidence in the different fields of application in the context of the health sciences.


For this reason, with this master's degree it is intended that physiotherapists:


1. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to design a comprehensive functional recovery plan for the different conditions, pathologies or injuries.


2. Learn the strategies necessary to prescribe and design an appropriate exercise programme based on the patient's assessment to enable their comprehensive functional recovery.


A correct functional recovery through exercise and other physiotherapy techniques, requires knowledge of a series of basic subject areas specifically aimed at this therapy. Some of these general subject areas include anatomy and clinical biomechanics, histology and physiology of exercise, application of imaging diagnosis to the functional recovery of the patient, planning and protocolization of exercise, as well as specific aspects in the different phases of recovery.

In addition to obtaining skills related to the knowledge of these basic sciences and the most appropriate techniques for the correct assessment and diagnosis, the student must learn those specific techniques aimed at the functional recovery of patients with a condition and/or pathology, looking for the improvement both of their functions and of their quality of life.