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Criteria to be considered in the selection of applicants:
- Average mark in the academic record (50%): Average grade of the student academic record of the Psychology Degree/Licenciatura will be evaluated.
- Curriculum vitae (20%):  The merits of Doctorate, Official Master, Master's Degree, other Courses will be assessed provided they are 100 or more hours. The evaluation of these merits will be made according to their attainment to the Psychology Degree/Licenciatura and will only be considered for its finalization once surpassed.
- Having the basic knowledge in the areas covered by the Master’s degree (20%): It will be taken into consideration the optional subjects comparable to those offered in the "Introduction to Clinical and Health Psychology" itinerary of the Psychology degree of the University of Valencia. The academic record of the optative subjects must be provided in order to be evaluated.
- Work experience in fields related to the Master’s degree (10%): It will be evaluated the full-time months of professional activity (up to maximum of 10 years) as a psychologist. This activity must be exercised as a self-employed worker or as an employed person. Contract and/or working life document must be provided.

Note: Only the merits indicated in the Document Checklist Form, together with their documentary evidence, will be assessed, provided that they are attached to the online application form before the deadline.