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The formation of the liberal state from the periphery of Valencia: integration of interests and disagreements


Funded by the Ministry for Science and Technology
CODE: BHA2002-01006


Main researcher: J. Millan
Period of validity: 2003-2006




Isabella II of Spain. A biography.



CODE: BHA2002-00708


Main researcher: Isabel Burdiel Bueno
Period of validity: 1 January, 2003 to 31 December, 2005





The construction of the Spanish nation in modern times



Funded by the Ministry for Education, Science and Technology
CODE: BHA2002-01703


Main researcher: Ismael Saz
Participants: Manuel Martí, Mari Cruz Romeo, Ferran Archilés, Enric Castelló, Núria Tabanera,Pedro Ruiz, Josep Ramon Segarra, Xavi Andreu
Period of validity: 2002-2004





Planning and production of an audiovisual presentation on the contemporary history of Estivella


Main researcher: Joan Alcázar Garrido




The construction of citizenship in contemporary Spain


Main researcher: Manuel Pérez Ledesma


Participants: Teresa Carnero
Period of validity: 2001-2004





Political Cultures and narrative representations: Spanish national identity as a space of discursive conflict


Funded by the MEC


Main researcher: Ismael Saz Campos
Priod of validity: 2005-2008




Cultural history, historiography, political discourse and social identities in contemporary Spain


Funded by the MEC
CODE: HUM2004-04527


Main researcher: Carmen García Monerris
Period of validity: 2004-2007