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ACTIVITY: Short stay at a researching centre

Content Carry out a short mobility stay in a research centre different to the Universitat de València. The stay shall allow learning or improving knowledge
related to the student’s doctoral thesis.
Learning results: Allows the development of a method or procedure learnt during the stay.
Temporary planning
Full-time students: First, second and third year.
· Part-time doctoral programme: During any of the years within their training period
Control system. Stay certificate issued by the Researcher of the host centre and a report by the doctoral student of the activity carried out under the approval of the
student’s thesis director.
The Doctoral Programme Academic Committee validates passing the credits according to the certificates and a report by the thesis director in
the student’s monitoring book
Requires short mobility. The activity may be funded with aids or grants of congress assistance Grant request may be done at an
autonomic or state level. The UVEG calls grants for congress assistance every year through the office of the vice-Principal for Research. The Doctoral Studies Programme has obtained an excellency award which enables accessing mobility grant requisition.
Researching projects with public funding tend to have funds which allow covering these short stays.