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Programme code: 3142

Regulations: Royal Decree 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Sciences

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Faculty of Biological Sciences

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:Universitat de València Estudi General

Programme Coordinator:Dr Enrique Lanuza Navarro

Places available for new students:40 plazas

Aims: The aim of the doctoral programme is the writing and defence of a doctoral thesis in Neurosciences The doctorate must provide an extensive professional training in various fields, especially in those that require creativity and innovation. It shall provide skills to cope with contexts with little specific information, to find the key questions that must be answered to solve a complex problem, to design, create, develop and launch new and innovative projects, etc. The doctoral studies shall guarantee the acquisition of the basic competences established in the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.

Description: Doctoral Programme in Neurosciences covers one area of knowledge. The Spanish parliament, in fact, made of 2012 the year of Neuroscience in Spain. Within the field of biomedicine, neurosciences occupies a relevant position, for example, for the research challenges that neurodegenerative illnesses have become; illnesses like Alzheimer or Parkinson, which require an important material and human effort. In the human aspect, there is a need to train highly-qualified scientists who can cover the postdoctoral positions that research teams may offer in the following years. Despite possible employability in other research centres, most research centres in the city of Valencia keep research groups in neuroscience research and participate in the present doctoral programme proposal.

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