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Chemical Characterization Technique

Thermogravimetric and Differential Thermal Analyzer

Model Mettler Toledo TGA/SDTA 851e that operates in the range 25 - 1100ºC with a sensibility of 0.1microg.

Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM) CH Instruments, 400 Model

The quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) is a variant of acoustic wave microsenseors that are capable of ultrasensitive mass measurements. Under favorable conditions, a typical QCM can measure a mass change of 0.1-1 ng/cm2. QCM oscillates in a mechanically resonant shear mode under the influence of a high frequency AC electric field which is applied across the thickness of the crystal. QCM and the combination of QCM with electrochemistry (EQCM) have been widely employed for the determination of metals deposited onto the crystal, studies of ion-transport processes in polymer films, biosensor developments, and investigations of the kinetics of adsorption/desorption of adsorbate molecules. In EQCM experiments, the measurements of the various electrochemical parameters, such as potential, current and charge at the working electrode, and the acquisition of the corresponding frequency change, are conducted simultaneously.

SP1 TM HPFC FLASH chromatography purification system


SP1 system is the latest FLASH chromatography technology for faster and easier purification of compounds in the range of milligrams to tens of grams. The system is equipped with four columns accommodating the broadest range of cartridge sizes. The SP1 system has a unique software features, including TLC-to-gradient with optimal loading, Wizard, Solvent and waste Monitoring, UV detector and the option of On-the-fly programming, which permits the change of the gradient while the purification is running.

Physical Characterization Technique

SQUID magnetometer, model Quantum Design MPMS-XL-5

SQUID magnetometer

Operating in the range 1.7-400 K. Equiped with: AC/DC susceptibily and magnetization options by using applied fields up to +\- 5 T, RSO option (enhanced sensitivity), ultra low field option, single crystal mounting device with horizontal and vertical rotator and magneto-optical measurement option with LASER.

Physical properties measurement system

Physical properties measurement system

Model Quantum Design PPMS-9, able to perform:
-AC/DC susceptibily and magnetization measurements by using applied fields up to +\- 9 T (1.9-400 K)
-AC/DC resistivity measurements by using applied fields up to +\- 9 T (0.35 - 400 K)
-Heat Capacity measurements by using applied fields up to +\- 9 T (0.35 - 400 K)
-Thermal transport measurements by using applied fields up to +\- 9 T (1.9 - 400 K)
-Torque magnetometry measurements by using applied fields up to +\- 9 T (1.9 - 400 K)

OLED characterization equipment

Containing Keithley 2400 source meter, Keithley 6485 picoampmeter and Si photodetector.

X and Q band EPR spectrometer

X and Q band EPR spectrometer

Model Bruker ELEXYS E580 Operating in the range 4.2-300 K equiped with single crystal mounting options.