Molecular Science Institute
Coordination Chemistry Group
University of Valencia
Polígono la coma s/n
46980 Paterna

Research lines:

  • Organic Chemistry (polytopic organic ligands and organic photocatalysts)

  • Coordination Chemistry (polynuclear metal complexes and coordination polymers)

  • Macromolecular Chemistry (dendrimers and functional hyperbranched polymers)

  • Sol-Gel Chemistry (inorganic and hybrid materials)

  • Soft Chemistry (micelles like templates and chemical autoassembly)

  • Molecular Magnetism (molecular-based magnets, molecules and chains magnet)

  • Host-guest Chemistry (chemical sensors and substrate adsorption in mesoporous materials)

  • Redox Chemistry (metal complex with high-oxdation states and non-innocent ligands)

  • Photocatalysis (photoactive and photocatalytical properties of dendrimers and functional hyperbranched polymers)

  • Redox Catalyst and Lewis acid (coordination complexes, dendritics macromolecules with coordination complex without mobility and mesoporous materials modified in hetero- homophase catalyst)

  • Photocatalysis (photoactive and photocatalytical properties of dendrimer and functional hyperbranched polymers)