About the Medical Physics Research Group UV - La Fe

The Medical Physics group was formed in 1996 by Jose Perez Calatayud and Facundo Ballester. Since then it has been active in the following fields:

1) Application of Monte Carlo methods for the study of dose distributions around the radioactive sources used in Brachytherapy in the treatment of oncological lesions;
2) The study of backscatter of electron beams in different materials;
3) Ir-192 wires calibration methods;
4) Design of quality control phantoms to use in Radiotherapy;
5) Treatment of medical images;
6) Design of instruments for the control of medical accelerator beams;
7) Dose measurements using TLDs and radiochromic films;
8) Development of applicators for brachytherapy.
9) Nuclear Instrumentation applied to Medical Physics.

For the development of these lines of research the group has established collaborations with different companies, agencies and institutions: "La Fe" Hospital of Valencia; IVO Foundation (Valencia); Standard Imaging (USA); NIST (USA); Nucletron (Netherlands). In addition, its members participate in working groups of the AAPM and ESTRO.