Clinical medical physics

This line of research covers all aspects of medical physics related directly with the treatment of patients and the corresponding improvement in delivery techniques in routine clinical practice.

Some publications on the field
Aspects of dosimetry and clinical practice of skin brachytherapy: The American Brachytherapy Society working group report
Z. Ouhib, M. Kasper, J. Perez-Calatayud, S. Rodriguez, A. Bhatnagar, S. Pai, J. Strasswimmer
Brachytherapy 14, 840 (2016)

Dermoscopy margin delineation in radiotherapy planning for superficial or nodular basal cell carcinoma
R. Ballester Sanchez, O. Pons Llanas, J. Perez Calatayud, R. Botella Estrada
Brit. Jour. Derm. 172, 1162 (2015)