The design and construction of geometries for Monte Carlo calculations is an error-prone, time-consuming, and complex step in simulations describing particle interactions and transport in the field of medical physics. The software VoxelMages has been developed to help the user in this task. It allows to design complex geometries and to process DICOM image files for simulations with the general-purpose Monte Carlo code PENELOPE in an easy and straightforward way. VoxelMages also allows to import DICOM-RT structure contour information as delivered by a treatment planning system.

Download VoxelMages last version (linux 0.9.0)

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VoxelMages: a general-purpose graphical interface for designing geometries and processing DICOM images for PENELOPE
V. Gimenez-Alventosa, F. Ballester, J. Vijande
App. Rad. Isot., 118, 251 (2016)

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