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  • Authors: Gimeno, Jesús; Morillo, Pedro; Orduña, Juan Manuel; Fernández, Marcos
  • (2012).
  • Publication types: Article
  • URL Publication: GRAPP'12:An Occlusion-Aware AR Authoring Tool for Assembly and repair tasks
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  • Abstract:

    The use of authoring tools has become a valuable trend for the fast development of Augmented Reality (AR) applications in industrial organizations. However, most of current AR authoring tools are actually programming interfaces that are exclusively suitable for programmers. Moreover, they do not provide advanced visual effects, such as occlusion or object collision detection, to the resulting AR applications. In this paper, we propose an easy-to-use AR authoring tool oriented to the development of AR applications for the execution of industrial sequential procedures. Unlike other recent easy-to-use AR authoring tools, this software framework allows non-programming users to develop low-cost AR applications, including occlusion capabilities, by means of the use of a Kinect sensor. These applications could be used in on-site assembly and maintenance/ repair tasks where a certain level of depth perception is needed. In order to validate our AR authoring tool, we have developed four AR applications belonging to different industrial areas. The evaluation results show that overlaying 3D instructions on the actual work pieces reduces the error rate for an assembly task by more than a 75%, particularly diminishing cumulative errors common in sequential procedures. Also, the results show that the time required by non-programming users to develop the AR prototypes using our tool was more than 90% lower than the time required for developing the same prototypes with computer graphics programmers. These results show the potential of our approach and validate the tool as a general-purpose AR authoring tool for industrial AR applications