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  • LSYM

LSyM (Laboratory for Simulation and Modeling) is an advanced research group, part of the IRTIC (Institute of Robotics and Information Technologies and Communications) belonging to the University of Valencia. LSyM has been developing for over a decade civil machinery simulation equipment for education and training purposes.
Given its origin in the academic world, thanks to more than a decade of experience, LSyM has been always looking for the latest techniques related to simulation, researching and developing their own models that puts it at the forefront in this field.
A team of several doctors and university professors in engineering, ensures that our products are constantly evolving, incorporating the latest developments both from the standpoint of technical and operation of ports and loading and unloading systems.




Within this constant effort, LSyM develops tools and accessories that may be added to equipment including:

  • Module of logistics: logistics module takes care of changing the state of the virtual terminal, and providing user commands to simulate the operation of a real terminal.
  • Collaborative Simulation: through the use of various simulation equipment and modeling Simulation Laboratory, multiple users can work on the same virtual terminal in real time, interacting with each other and learning the skills needed for teamwork and the usual dynamic in a port terminal.
  • Updating of mathematical models: thanks to growth in the power of computers, you can gradually incorporate new features and methods, further enhancing the realism and accuracy of the models. Our team works continuously to develop new techniques and incorporate each new scientific or technological innovations in simulation systems.
  • Systems for tracking and stereoscopic vision: these technologies allow the use of dynamic projections that are modified with user's movement in the cabin in three dimensions, achieving an even greater sense of immersion during the simulation.

Within the field of civil simulation has been developed in addition to the port crane simulators, simulation systems for automobiles, rail vehicles and civil construction machinery.
The simulators developed using the latest technologies in the field of 3D graphics and Virtual Reality as in the dynamic modeling, with their own models published in international scientific journals.
Within this framework not only develops LSyM complex simulation applications, but also directs its research on the use of advanced technologies for 3D graphics, the use of immersion simulation platforms and integrate these with the latest in mobile technology. Thus, immersion experciencia maximize end user.
LSyM conducts its comprehensive planning projects in commercial, lowering costs and providing more affordable and secure alternative to training with real equipment in fields such as simulation or simulation port civil works.