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  • Authors: Gimeno, Jesús; Fernández, Marcos; Morillo, Pedro; Coma, Inmaculada; Pérez, Manuel
  • (2007).
  • Publication types: Article
  • URL Publication: HCI'07: A reconfigurable Immersive Workbench and Wall- System for Designing and Training in 3D Environments
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  • Abstract:

    Virtual and Augmented Reality have been widely used in many scientific fields for the last two decades in order to visualize complex data and information. Although both techniques are oriented to show users complex 3D environments by means of an intuitive and easy mechanism, they use to become useless to manipulate the information in an intuitive and realistic way. In this paper, we present SOROLLA, a new concept of workbench designed for virtual and augmented reality purposes and specially oriented to the fields of teleeducation and engineering. Unlike other proposals, SOROLLA not only allows an easy utilization and configuration, but also shows a cost-effective immersive visualization system based on off-the-shelf elements. The initial results using our workbench and wall-system show that both efficiency and user satisfaction are higher than the ones obtained using conventional devices.