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The UIPD takes part in the 8th International Congress on Psychology and Education (CIPE 2016) in Alicante

  • June 15th, 2016
Participants en el CIPE 2016.

Dr Isabel Balaguer coordinated the symposium Motivational climates in classrooms, playgrounds and the football field: consequences and mediation processes in the 8th Congress on Psychology and Education (CIPE), which took place in the University of Alicante on Wednesday, 15 July 2016.

Five presentations were given during the event, in the frame of two contemporary motivation theories: the achievement goals theory and the self-determination theory.

Firstly, Dr Lorena González presented the theoretical framework and a literature review of the symposium's frame of reference. (González L., León J., Moreno Murcia J. A. and Balaguer I. Autonomy support style in educational and sport contexts and its consequences on adolescent performance and well-being).

The following two works focused on the assessment of motivational climate. In one of them, Dr Jaime León presented the elaboration and psychometric analysis of a scale to assess the didactic style of a professor. In the other one, Priscila Fabra presented the Spanish version of an observational instrument created in the frame of the PAPA project to evaluate the motivational climate created by coaches. (León J., Medina-Garrido E. and Núñez J. L. Assessing the quality of mathematics teaching: a self-determination theory approach). (Fabra P., Smith N., Tomás I., Duda J. L. and Balaguer I. A Spanish version of the Multidimensional Motivational Climate Observation System-MMCOS).

The symposium was concluded with two presentations on the creation of motivational climates. The one presented by Dr Juan Moreno-Murcia covered the training of teachers in the creation of autonomy support climates. The other, led by Dr Isabel Castillo, addressed the training of youth football coaches in the creation of empowerment motivational climates with the Empowering CoachingTM programme.

Moreno-Murcia, J. A., Berruezo-Ochando, R. A. and Domenech-Vizcaíno, J. F. The effects of autonomy support in physical exercise during school breaktime. (Castillo I., González L., Fabra P., Ródenas L. and Balaguer I. Learning to create motivational climates in youth football teams: Empowering CoachingTM Training Programme).

The presentations were followed by a round of questions for the attendees, which turned into an interesting debate on the different topics covered during the symposium.