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Issuing certificates

Those who want to ask for a certificate and have an email account of the Universitat de València (@alumni) can do it via the Virtual Office (ENTREU). If the certificate has to be paid, an official certificate in pdf format with electronic signature will be generated after the payment has been made (via payment application with credit card). This electronic certificate can be retrieved from “My personal space” in ENTREU.

If you do not have an account of the Universitat, the following procedure has to be followed:
1. To submit the application.
2. If the certificate is not free, corresponding fees shall be paid at the banking institution, according to the kind of certificate.
3. To pick up, duly identified, the certificate showing a copy of the paid receipt in the office of the secretary.

Additionally, the interested party can request the certificate by email sending a copy of the ID card. In this case, the secretary will send the bill to the interested party.

Further information regarding certificates is available in the undergraduate studies section (certificates) of this website.

- Issuing of the degree certificate.

Procedure for being issued of the degree certificate:

Through ENTREU Virtual Office of the Universitat de València.

Collection of the degree certificate:

1. 1.-The applicant will be notified when his/her degree certificate is at the office of the secretary.
2. The interested party shall appear in person and show the ID card.

If the applicant cannot appear in person, the applicant shall authorise another person through a notarised statement.

If the person interested lives in other autonomous community or abroad, the interested party shall request the shipment of the degree in the Government Representation, Embassy  or Consular Office of your residence.

Procedure Action Documentation Application form
Official  academic  transcript (Undergraduate and  Master’s Degree)


Pay the fee, if applicable, and deliver the payment receipt

at the  Registrar’s Office together with the  application form


Through the Online Office 




Enrolment  certificate (Undergraduate  and  Master’s Degree)    

Through the Online Office 



Certificate of payment of school insurance (Undergraduate and  Master’s Degree)


Through the Online Office 



Enrolment fees certificate (Undergraduate and Master’s Degree)    

Through the Online Office