foto Alicia Marti Climent
PDI-Ajudant Doctor/A
Department: Language and Literature Education
(9639) 83831

PhD on Catalan Philology. She is a Catalan language teacher at the Department of Language and Literature Education at the University of Valencia. She also instructs teacher training courses and workshops. She supervises Practicum and TFG at Early Years Education and Primary Education’s Degree, and also teaches and supervises TFM at the MA in Secondary Education Teaching. From 2015 to 2019 she has been director of Allioli, Quaderns de l’Ensenyament del País Valencià (ISSN 1576-0197), founded in 1979, with a circulation of 21.000 copies distributed among Valencian teachers and schools of all educational levels.

She is one of the members of Grup d’Investigació Interacció i Ensenyament de Llengües (GIEL, research group and Unitat d’Educació Multilingüe (UEM) at the University of Valencia, and also is a member of Un entre tants, a cooperative network about ICT educational experiences in Catalan language, of the International Association of Catalan Language and Literature (AILLC) and the Spanish Society of Didactics of Language and Literature (SEDLL). Her research fields include language and literature teaching, ICT as an educational resource, language education in multilingual environments, work for projects and grammar teaching. She has participated in several research projects about writing difficulties, linguistic autobiography, teaching practices, oral Catalan teaching and learning, and improvised oral poetry, among others. She has coordinated various educational innovation projects: TIC, TAC, TAP. Projectes de lengua i literatura (UV-SFPIE_RMD18-841879), L’ús educatiu del vídeo en la formació de mestres (UV-SFPIE_PID19-1094441) and currently directs the ICT innovation project El vídeo en l’educació superior. Pràctiques innovadores audiovisuals en la formació de docents.

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Thursday de 14:30 a 17:30. SP2 02
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Tuesday de 10:00 a 13:00. S P2 02
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