foto Jose Rafael Magdalena Benedicto
PDI Titular d'Universitat
Dega/Degana / Director/a Ets
Knowledge area: ELECTRONICS
Department: Electronic Engineering
ETSE-UV Edificio 3, 2º piso, despacho 3.2.22 Av. Universidades, s/n 46100 Burjasot
(9635) 43418

José Rafael Magdalena Benedito (B.Sc. Physics 1991, Ph.D. Physics 2000) holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Valencia. Lecturer at the University of Valencia since 1994, he is currently a full professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, attached to the School of Engineering of the University of Valencia. He teaches in Physical Sciences, Telecommunications Engineering and in three university master's degrees. He was an intern at AIDO (Technological Park, 1992), responsible for Medical Physics at Dextromédica (1993), web developer at the Fundación Universidad Empresa de Valencia (1996-1997) and associate professor in the Department of Computer Systems and Computing at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (1998). He has been Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the UV, member of the Senate, the Consell de Govern and the Economic Commission of the UV. He has also been a founding partner of three technological companies, and mayor of the town of Segorbe in Castellón.

His research work began in biomedical engineering and telemedicine, and since 2003 he is conducting his research in the area of Machine Learning. He has 43 international publications, 97 communications to conferences and 23 books and book chapters. He has also been principal investigator in four projects and has participated as a researcher in 30 European and national projects. He has been a member of IEEE and INNS (International Neural Network Society). His areas of interest are advanced data visualization, optimization problems and quantum machine learning.

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Subjects taught and teaching methods
34813 - Analogue electronics IPractices, Theory
34814 - Analogue electronics IIPractices, Theory
34820 - Degree final project in Electronic Engineering for TelecommunicationsWork end of studies
34922 - Engineering, society and universityPractices
34945 - Company internshipsPrácticum
34946 - Degree final project (EEI)Work end of studies
44655 - Web analyticsTheoretical-Practical
44663 - Master's final projectWork end of studies
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