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L'acció educativa i social del Programa EDALNU, 1961 - 1996

The Programme for Food and Nutrition Education (EDALNU) started in Spain in 1961. Its main goal is to educate Spanish citizens when it comes to new and better eating habits and to stimulate the production and consumption of local protective foods.
The intensive educational task carried out in the school, family and community setting left us a rich legacy consisting of objects, images and sounds that approach us to a phase of our history in which the food transition joined other kind of transitions. Texts and illustrations of books and manuals, documentary and photographs scenes and messages and drawings show us a new diet characterised by quality and variety, but also deep changes in the role of women, school and training conception. It even shows us a new society project that started to seem possible during those years.
The exhibition aims to show strong bonds that links feeding with society and culture of the country through this tour on informational activities and the promotion of healthier eating habits driven by the EDALNU programme.