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Guided tours

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The Office of the Vice-principal for Culture organises a series of guided tours of university areas, aimed at students, associations, schools, secondary schools and any other group or persons interested in our university. These tours are guided by volunteer university students. This volunteer programme gives students the opportunity to have training and experience on the present, past and future of our University, while they get to be involved in the activities developed.

Visits are carried out in:

  • La Nau
  • Exhibitions
  • Palau de Cerveró

Visits can be arranged for groups and collectives with social, cultural, educational, institutional or civic projection. The number of attendees per group cannot exceed 10 on-site people. Requests are to be directed in first instance to visites.guiades@uv.es

In a private capacity, visitors can explore some of the spaces and exhibitions contained within La Nau Cultural Centre without a guide.



Phone: 9635 31076
E-mail: visites.guiades@uv.es