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100 números de ciència

Composició amb un detall de l'obra <i> A la recerca del temps perdut </i>, de Manuel Sáez. Aquesta sèrie il·lustra el número 100 de Mètode.
Composició amb un detall de l'obra A la recerca del temps perdut , de Manuel Sáez. Aquesta sèrie il·lustra el número 100 de Mètode.
© Vicent Almar


© José Luis Iniesta
Genetics, climate change, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, space exploration… There are many scientific challenges facing today’s society. For this reason, the disclosure and reflection around them are more necessary than never. The magazine Mètode has been during 100 publications analysing and thinking about the progress in science from different perspectives. To celebrate this day, this exposition proposes a tour for the principal challenges of the science across the contents and themes of the magazine, where the covers work as the common thread.
© Ximo Amigó
Mètode is a magazine dedicated to the disclosure and to study of science. Published by the Universitat de València since 1992, now it is the publication of her no. 100 of Mètode.  Throughout its hundred publications, the journal has focused on analysing and disseminating the different aspects of scientific research, and has created an interaction space between sciences and humanities that allows the involvement of scientist but also artists, philosophers, sociologists, historians and men of letters. Proof of this are its covers, which have reunited some of the most prominent artists of the Valencian art scene to reflect on science and its progress. In these covers had participated Carmen Calvo, Manuel Boix, Rafael Armengol, Rosa Torres, José María Yturralde or Antoni Miró, among others. Science and art together to reflect on the challenges of the future.
© Greta Alfaro
Mètode was born in 1992 managed by the journalist Olga Dénia, who put in operation and was in charge of the publication until the no. 18 of Mètode. Since 1998, the journalist and biologist Martí Dominguez has been the director of the magazine. From the beginning, the project was supported by the Vice-Principal of External Relations at that time, Josep Lluís Barona, and the Principal Ramón Lapiedra. Support and enthusiasm maintained by rectory team.
© Miguel Calatayud
Over the course its 100 no. of Mètode, Mètode has progressively broadened its sphere of operation. It was designed as an outreach magazine of the scientific task, but now it is reference of disclosure in Spain. The magazine had made an effort to incorporate national and international research firms, although the researches and the effort to informing them deployed by the Universitat de València are the principals. With a quarterly edition in Catalan and Spanish, and a yearbook in English that has taken more academic paths and has been included in the main databases and impact indices. Mètode had not only publications on paper, but it has constant presence in the web and social networks. Mètode had created a book collection that has published its ninth volume, in addition to collaborating with other publishing projects of centres of the Universitat de València, such as the Botanical Garden.
Mètode spreads and reflects on current science developments, giving importance to the inclusions of the science for society, from the economic, educational, political and equality perspective, for example. A scientific magazine where the challenges of the future are analysed.

Participating artists

Mètode, from 0 to 9: Vicent Almar
Mètode 10 and 11: Daniel Nebot
Mètode 12 to 42: José Luis Iniesta
Mètode 43: Envelliment. Manolo Boix
Mètode 49: From a work by Azorín
Mètode 50: Carmen Calvo
Mètode 51: Mª Inmaculada Martínez Martí
Mètode 56: Rafael Armengol
Mètode 57: Yturalde
Mètode 58: Rosa Torres
Mètode 59: Ximo Amigó
Mètode 60: Willy Ramos
Mètode 61: Antoni Miró
Mètode 62: Carmen Calvo
Mètode 63: Miquel Navarro
Mètode 64: Nassio Bayarri
Mètode 65: Nanoart
Mètode 66: Francisca Mompó
Mètode 67: Rafael Martí Quinto
Mètode 68: Marcelo Fuentes
Mètode 69: Uiso Alemany
Mètode 70: From a photograph
Mètode 71: Greta Alfaro
Mètode 72: Frederic Amat
Mètode 73: Sebastián Nicolau
Mètode 74: From a work by Joaquim Mir
Mètode 75: Photograph by Mario Rabasco
Mètode 76: Carmen Calvo
Mètode 77: Nelo Vinuesa
Mètode 78: Tania Blanco