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ERNESTO PIOVANO, The Human Cost of Agrochemical

Col·legi Major Rector Peset, Sala de la Muralla

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© Pablo E. Piovano




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During November and December 2014, Argentinian photographer Pablo Ernesto Piovano went across rural zones in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Chaco and Misiones to picture families affected by fumigations with agrochemicals.  The photograph series ‘El Costo Humano de los Agrotóxicos’ (The Human Cost of Agrochemical) has been internationally awarded twice.
Constant fumigations with agrochemicals such as glyphosate and 2.4D not only make an effect upon crops but also multiply- from two to four times- the national average of cancer figures and other serious diseases in farm workers and inhabitants, who suffer malformations or skin conditions.
© Pablo E. Piovano
Argentina is the world’s third largest soya bean producer, after the USA and Brazil, and currently has a third of its population affected directly or indirectly by glyphosate while this product is forbidden in 74 countries around the world.
Pablo is a photographer for Página 12, but carried out this work independently thanks to the support of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Rochester, New York. Hence, he documented the life of peoples who live in contact with fumigations.
© Pablo E. Piovano


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