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Memory, science, identity

Palau de Cerveró


Over the last fifteen years, Paleolab Group has participated in nearly thirty projects to recover historical memory, and has been able to exhume nearly two hundred victims and missing persons, many of whom have been identified.
The exhibition Exhuming Silence has been conceived as a didactic tool, which aims to disseminate the technical-scientific work carried out through photographs and audiovisuals of field and laboratory work, and through a diachronic vision of forensic identification techniques. Following three thematic axes (Memory, Science and Identity), the aim is to give a quick overview of the problem of the disappeared, the importance of the participation of the different forensic sciences within a transversal investigation process, and the value of the restitution of the remains to the families, all within a legal framework where justice and the Spanish State have been inhibited, abandoning the families.
Finally, Exhuming silence aims to support the educational community in order to explain our recent history, and how it is linked to the present in order to strengthen democratic values.