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Spaces, practices and knowledge


The current exhibition aims at pleasantly making the historical emergence and evolution of psychiatric spaces, practices and knowledge widely known.  Through several panels grouped by topic, the exhibition tackles aspects such as the formation of insanity as a mental illness, the rise of psychiatry as a scientific discipline and medical specialty, the evolution of mental hospitals and other assistance centres; also, it tackles the relationships between insanity and crime, authorities’ psychiatric drifts and its attempts to become a science to serve political power or the projections and representations of insanity and psychiatric practices in contemporary cultures putting special emphasis on literary and plastic manifestations. The exhibition is completed with several materials within the ‘Colección de Instrumentos Científicos’ and the UV Vicente Peset Llorca Lirary. We could highlight two devices for electroshock therapy, a bust with the division of brain sections as stated in the phrenological theory, cross sections and illustrations from the Spanish Neuro-Histological School and an area with emblematic books and manuscripts with the exhibition’s topics.