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Nuria Rodríguez

Col·legi Major Rector Peset, Sala de la Muralla

Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 20:30. Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00
Free entrance
Histoire Naturelle, Cabinet de Curiosités © Nuria Rodríguez


Organised by:
Col·legi Major Rector Peset
Collaborates: Vicerectorat de Cultura i Igualtat de la Universitat de València
The deepest fascination of a collector consists on setting the individual objective in a magic circle which freezes while awaiting for the last chill (the chill of being acquired). [...] Collecting is a way of remembering by the praxis.
Walter Benjamin
Looking at things, touching things, keeping them, ordering them and archiving them is a key part of the way we understand the world and its elements. Objects produced by our imagination hold us, sustain us, serve as a link and order our memory with a dictionary which tags and differentiates things and their instructions of use. “Words make things”, said Borges.  It may be like that, when you name it, it appears in the world, it exists and occupies a place; a little mental space enchained to many others as a string of splinters.
The exhibition Historia natural, la col·lecció infinita (Natural history, the never-ending collection), is a storage attempt of things which surround me, the things I close in a magic circle, the things I freeze while awaiting to speak with the other things. It shows a set of desires and combining games; it samples chaos, the casual and improvised meetings in which painting is done from intuition.  Afterwards, the relate arises, narration of discordant elements who question the spectator strangely.
Deciding the things to surround us, the devices and utensils which are worth our attention needs compromise, a daily desire which combines attention and curiosity, willingness and perseverance.  And mainly, a poetic look on what is common and quotidian, on what has been here forever -even before we were conscious, before we existed, before than before.
Histoire Naturelle, Prospectus © Nuria Rodríguez
Nuria Rodríguez is an artist and professor. Tenured Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València. PhD. in Fine Arts and graduated in Industrial Design by the Higher Design School of Valencia.
As an artist, her work focuses on the practice of painting that she understands as an assembly process between pre-existent images of any kind, which are reconstructed in fictional scenarios and situations, in which any imported fragment “acts” as scenic ingredient with extraordinary fusions and meanings. She has carried out different individual exhibitions “Historia Natural [tomo XXIII]”, (2015),“El desorden de las cosas. [Pensar, mirar, pintar],” (2014), “Álbum, Atlas, cuadernos de notas,” (2010). She participates in the itinerary showing “La presencia y la figura” (“Presence and figure”), organised by the Consortium of Museums and in the international sample “Trazos Urbanos”. She has also exhibited her projects in other collective and international showings (Spain, Argentina, France, Brazil, Italy, USA, Mexico and Taiwan).
She was curator of the first interactive exhibition “Pensar con las manos. Isidro Ferrer & Pep Carrió” (“Thinking with the hands. Isidro Ferrer & Pep Carrió”) in 2013, developed by Unit Experimental, a multidisciplinary research team, specialised in augmented reality applied to cultural events from which she is director. This exhibition has been selected by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport to carry out an international roaming by USA (Centre for Spanish Culture in Miami, Artisphere gallery in Washington and the Instituto Cervantes in Chicago). The exhibition was presented at the Museo ABC del Dibujo y la Ilustración in Madrid and at the Faculy of Fine Arts in Valencia.
Author of the essay “Los textos de la mujer artista durante las primeras vanguardias (1900-1945) (“The texts of the artist women during the avant-garde, 1900-1945”) in the publishing house Alfons el Magnànim that focuses on the collection of the artist women memories through their writings. 
Histoire Naturelle, Notes © Nuria Rodríguez