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Proposals for the workshop on creative writing of Nau Social
Pictures by Eva Máñez

Centre Cultural La Nau, Sala Oberta

Opening hours: From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 14:00 hours and from 16:00 to 20:00 hours. Sundays and bank holidays from 10 to 14 hours
  Free admission
© Eva Máñez


Vicerectorat de Cultura i Igualtat
Fundació RAIS 
Centre Municipal la Dona-CMIO-València 
Unitat de Salut Mental Trinitat 
Centre de Rehabilitació Biopsicosocial Museu 
IES Barri del Carme
Generalitat Valenciana
Obra Social La Caixa
Fundación Antonia Mir
Project: Elizabet Catalá Collado

From the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Equality of the Universitat de València the project of educational and community intervention for the participation and social inclusion through art and culture Nau Social is being developed.

The objective of the project is reaffirming and highlighting the role of art and culture as a tool for integration and social cohesion, and the artistic and cultural spaces, as generators for dialogue, knowledge and personal and community fulfilment. It has three lines of action: 1st. Sociocultural connection activities programme and creative expression workshop; 2nd. Inclu.si.ves Exhibition, which shows the process and results of the workshop; 3rd. Conferences on Inclusive Culture.





Dubuffet, J. coiner of the term Art Brut: “Art addressed itself to the mind, and not to the eyes. Art is a language, an instrument of knowledge, an instrument of communication".​

The exhibition title (‘Inclu.si.ve’) already addresses culture’s three dimensions, which the project aims to highlight: (INCLU) inclusion, accessibility and participation. (SI) constructive and normalising focus (VES) visibility of diversity, and of art’s potential as a vehicle for personal and social transformation. 

Talking about inclusion is talking about PRESENCE, PERTINENCE AND PARTICIPATION: Inclusive culture is that which grants an enjoyment of cultural goods and services. But social inclusion implies, additionally, an effective exercise of rights, a certain degree of development for the vital project itself and an active exercise of the citizenship.  
This exhibition, preceded by a programme of sociocultural connection and expression workshops, is part of the initiative by the Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Equality, Nau Social. A project of Socioeducative and Communitary Intervention for Participation and Social Inclusion whose main aim is to reaffirm the role of arty and culture as tools for social integration and cohesion, and cultural-artistical spaces as producers of opportunities for expression, knowledge as well as personal and community enrichment.
Hence, the exhibition’s objective is to show the resulted works of the participants at the workshop of creative expression, who share a narration of their experience in terms of will, ability and dignity. At the same time, it aims at sensitizing the public on the importance of an equal access to culture.
The pictures by Eva Máñez, photojournalist, accompany the creations by the four gruops. Each one of them exhibits a part of their creations in the artistic language which has been stressed at their workshop (photography, plastic arts, music, theatre). 
Due to the fact that the project’s action fields have been that of genre equality, mental health, cognitive accessibility, school cohabitation and homelessness. The participants are direct users or people linked somehow to the entities related to the above mentioned fields of action, in La Nau’s close environment: Fundación RAIS, Centro Municipal de la Mujer CMIO-Valencia, Unitat de Salut Mental Trinitat, the Centro de Rehabilitación Biopsicosocial Museo, PLENA INCLUSIÓN C. V., ASIEM and the IES Barrio del Carmen. 
The multidisciplinary team who has developed the project, was coordinated by Social Educator Elisabeth Catalá and it's composed of professionals in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, artistic production and scenography. 
© Eva Máñez