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Seminari de Scarlet Elgueta de la Universitat de Tokyo

  • 25 de juliol de 2022
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Chemical abundances of time-series spectra of Classical Cepheids with WINERED

Lloc: Seminari del DAA. Edifici Investigació Jeroni Muñoz, planta quarta, a Burjassot.

Dia: dilluns 25 de juliol de 2022. Hora: 11:30.


Classical Cepheids have been proved to be multipurpose, their use is not only limited to precise distance determinations, they are excellent chemical tracers as their spectra exhibit a large number of absorption lines of various kinds of elements. Moreover,  the analysis of the spectra collected by the high-resolution near-infrared spectrograph WINERED in the Y-J bands has revealed a robust number of newly identified absorption lines corresponding to Fe-peak, alpha-enhanced, heavy metallic, and biogenic elements.

Here, I plan to review the methodology applied in my doctoral thesis that led to precise and accurate measurements of fundamental stellar parameters of the sample of Cepheids under analysis, which, in tandem, led to abundance estimates that are in perfect agreement with the results of long history optical studies. Thus, proving the capabilities of the unexplored YJ bands to unveil exotic regions within our galaxy, and therefore, pave the way to provide more insights into galactic archaeology through the study of different phenomena, such as the metallicity gradient of our galaxy, as well as the abundances of neutron-capture elements.

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