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The PhD program of the University of Valencia attached to the Accounting Department is focused on research in the scientific fields of the field of corporate finance and financial information in the public and private sectors. Researchers in charge of the training of the new doctors participating in the program have recognized the quality of their research by the National Commission for the Evaluation of the Research Activity (CNEAI). The program also has the permanent participation of researchers from the Jaume I University of Castellón and the University of Valladolid. In addition, numerous researchers of recognized international prestige participate actively in it.

The Doctorate program is structured in two phases or periods. The Training Phase, in which the complements and training activities are completed, lasts approximately 6 months and usually begins at the end of January. The Phase of Investigation, during which the doctoral thesis is prepared, has an average duration of 2 years and a half. It can also be done part-time, so that the periods mentioned above can be extended up to a total of 5 years.

Due to the characteristics of the program, each course offers up to a maximum of 12 seats for new students, of which 30% are reserved for students who complete it in the part-time dedication mode. As a result, the small number of students facilitates fluid communication with the professors and closely monitor the progress of doctoral students. The atmosphere is distended and with a marked international character, since a large number of students are foreigners.

The students that access the Doctorate program are university graduates who accredit an official Master's degree in matters of Accounting and Finance or related to them. These students must have a good academic record and a solid knowledge of the English language, spoken and written. Once admitted to the program, the Academic Coordination Commission of the Doctorate program evaluates, in each case, the need to complete training complements.

For the students who do not possess the previous requirements, the Accounting Department offers the possibility of taking the Master's in Accounting, Audit and Control of Management, in his Research specialty. This master has a duration of one and half year and is usually started in September. Graduates in the Master's research specialization are exempt from completing training complements