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Programme code: 3170

Regulations: Royal Decree 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

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Organised by:Department of Pharmacology

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:Universitat de València Estudi General

Programme Coordinator:Dr. Ms. Matilde Merino Sanjuán

Places available for new students:20 places

Teaching languages:Valencian, Spanish and English

Aims: The programme involves advanced training in the research methods and techniques corresponding to the area of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical Technology, the final aim being the defence of a doctoral thesis and obtaining a doctoral degree. The main objectives of the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine and Pharmacy are: to learn the necessary skills for laboratory work and the use of scientific instruments; to acquire the appropriate skills to propose an experimental design and develop it properly; to analyse the results obtained, formulating reasonable hypotheses and have the ability to discuss them; to handle bibliographical sources correctly, as well as developing the necessary critical thinking to be able to analyse and evaluate the abundant information available in scientific publications; and to be aware of the advances in both research and the rational use of medicines.


It is very important to increase the scientific advances in the knowledge of diseases, methods for their diagnosis and, above all, the introduction of new drugs on the market produced by pharmaceutical companies. The basis of these advances is biomedical research, which must be conducted by research and scientific staff properly trained. Since the Universitat is the only institution responsible for postgraduate training, this Doctoral Programme aims to train researchers and scientists in the field of medicines which can subsequently increase the critical mass of researchers at the Universitat itself or in public or private Biomedical Research Centres, in the technical and scientific regional, national and international health administration bodies, as well as in the research, development and innovation departments of pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, the factors that accompany the development of new drugs and medicines sometimes mean that the existing information about them can reach the mediatised society or, at the very least, in biased at way. Thus, the health professionals working in public entities are the ones who can act independently, providing the appropriate information for the correct training of future professionals, instilling in them the ability to screen out, select and discern in order to be able to apply the most appropriate care guideline in each case with good judgement (rational use). Based on the need to train specialists in medicine, this Doctoral Programme in “Biomedicine and Pharmacy” has been developed. The programme is the result of the merger of these doctoral programmes: Pharmacology with Quality Award and Pharmaceutical Technology (RD.778/1998). The doctoral programme in Pharmacology obtained the Quality Award in 2004, and is renewed each year. The Universitat de València Estudi General has been teaching the doctoral programme in Biomedicine and Pharmacy since 2006-2007 with the Quality Award RD.56/2005, and it has been taught uninterruptedly until today. This programme has obtained recently the Award for Excellence (2012).

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