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The research lines of the Doctoral Programme are classified in the following groups:

· Prehistory and Archeology

· Art and Symbolism in the Western Mediterranean Prehistory

· Transitions in the Western Mediterranean Palaeolithic: cultural, economic and paleoenvironmental aspects

· The Neolithic transition in the Western Mediterranean and its consequences

· Archeology of the territory/landscape (in common with Archeology)

· Bioarchaeology

· Classical archaeology

· Iberian archaeology

· Phoenician and Punic Archaeology

· Ancient Numismatics


· Ancient History

· Ethnicity, identity and image of the peoples of the ancient Mediterranean

· Women and Society in Mediterranean antiquity

· Popular literature and wonders in the Mediterranean antiquity

· Communication routes in antiquity


· Historiographical Sciences and Techniques

· Critical edition of Medieval texts

· Description and analysis of bibliographical catalogues and documentaries

· Writing and reading practices in the western world

· Institutions, memory of the western culture


· Medieval History

· Economic networks in the western Mediterranean

· Providing earnings. Economic centrality and policy of the city of Valencia

· Transformations of agricultural systems in the Mediterranean world

· Inquisition and converts in the Crown of Aragon


· Modern History

· Economic transformations and social relations in the Modern Age in the Western Mediterranean

· Social elites and power relations in the Western Mediterranean in the Modern Age

· Intellectual currents and cultural manifestations in the Western Mediterranean in the Modern Age


· Geography

· Analysis of the physical environment and its processes in Mediterranean environments

· Analysis, planning and land management in Mediterranean regions

· Study of natural and cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean basin

· Natural and Cultural heritage in the Mediterranean