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The Department of Earth Physics and Thermodynamics of the University of Valencia carries out extensive research on Remote Sensing. It ranks among the top departments in number of publications at the University of Valencia, as reflected in the Annual Research Report of the same University. Moreover, the research units of the department have been involved for many years in projects funded by managing bodies from Europe (European Space Agency - ESA) and America (National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA), which is an endorsement to the research carried out, and on which the future doctoral theses will be based.

The research projects that involved doctors associated with the Doctoral Studies in Remote Sensing cover various aspects of our environment, from the characterisation of aerosols and their influence on the terrestrial radiative forcing and climate change to the obtaining of the global distribution of greenhouse gas concentration such as carbon dioxide through new missions of the European Space Agency such as the FLEX mission, led by researchers linked to the Doctoral Studies in Remote Sensing.