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Preinscripción a doctorado para el curso 2022-2023

Apertura del plazo de preinscripción a los programas de doctorado para el curso 2022-23 desde el día 16 de mayo a las 10:00 horas hasta el 19 de julio a las 23:59 horas. La solicitud se realizará a través del entorno de la tramitación electrónica ENTREU.

Tesis en exposición pública

  • 17720Studyng Double Beta Decay Via Electromagnetic Transitions

Tesis pendientes de lectura

  • 17726Search for the Higgs boson produced in association with a top quark using τ leptons with ATLAS
  • 17689Neutrino oscillations and invisible decay with the KM3NeT-ORCA detector

Tesis leídas

  • 17629Studies of performance and background in a Compton camera for proton therapy treatment monitoring
  • 17612Low-energy quark-lepton interactions within and beyond the Standard Model
  • 17605Search for new physics in processes involving top quarks with the ATLAS experiment.
  • 17633Development of a likelihood-based top quark mass measurement using semileptonically decaying tt+jet events with the full Run 2 ATLAS dataset
  • 17581𝑏 → 𝑐𝜏𝜈̅𝜏 semileptonic decays: visible distributions and tests of lepton flavour universality
  • 17575Boson stars, baby universes and wormholes in a modified gravity scenario
  • 17480Relativistic outflows in X-ray binaries: simulations and observations
  • 17529Quantum Noise and Quantum Walks
  • 17526Precision measurements with the LHC and low-energy experiments: a model independent analysis
  • 17530Triggering new discoveries: development of advanced HLT1 algorithms for detection of long-lived particles at LHCb
  • 17502Neutrino cosmology and the baryon asymmetry
  • 17503Deconvolution techniques for dynamical interferometric
  • 17452Joint analysis of neutrino oscillations using data from T2K and reactor experiments
  • 17455Optical emission at single level and cavity coupling of low-dimensional perovskite semiconductors
  • 17454Neutrino Masses and Lepton Flavor Physics Beyond the Standard Model
  • 17422Novel characterization methods of forward brillouin scattering in optical fibers and their applications
  • 17430Neutrino properties from the laboratory and the cosmos
  • 17445Search for associated production of a Higgs boson and a single top quark in the multi-lepton final state with ATLAS
  • 17416Probing the top quark couplings within the ATLAS detector and EFT global fits
  • 17415K+ Signatures in the ProtoDUNE-SP Detector at CERN

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