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The Department of Education Theory is located structurally and functionally at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Valencia,  Estudi General -UVEG-. This faculty was created after the application of the Ministerial Decree of 19 September 1977 (B.O.E. no. 255 of 25 October 1977) modifying the structure of the old Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, and transforming its constituent Divisions into Faculties (Geography and History, Language  Studies and Philosophy and Education Sciences). Back then, the Departments of History of Education, Pedagogy Systematic Teaching, Experimental Pedagogy and Psychology were located in that Faculty.

Following the approval of the L.R.U. -University Reform Act- of August 25, 1983, after the establishment of democracy in Spain, the Governing Board of 16 December, 1986, established the final departmental structure of the University,  approving the creation of the Department of Educational Theory of the UVEG, according to the 3rd Temporary Provision on "University Departments"

Since the creation of the Department of Education Theory the professors assigned to the national area of Theory and History of Education (code 805) became assigned to the area of Education Theory specific to the UVEG (code 791)