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What is the deadline to submit the proposals?

Until July 13, 2020, at 2 p.m.

Is it necessary to propose an exact location for my proposal?

No, but it is recommended to indicate the needs that requires the work as a location.

Does the organisation propose specific spaces beforehand?

No, the final location depends on many factors, such as the coherence of the speech given at the site with its location and its visibility for the largest number of students.

How could I find out more about the facilities of the Burjassot Campus, during this confinement situation?

You can consult the catalogues of previous editions of the Mostra, photographs and other resources available online:

Could I inform myself about the call on any social network?

Yes. Mostra Call for artists has an event on Facebook. In addition, we also report the most important news of the Mostra in the official Sedi profiles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@SediUV).

How is the relationship between art and science understood in the call?

We search projects that apply their development and/or production to the study of science. Reflections and questioning have to be open, characteristic of contemporary art. In this call, however, it is necessary to turn to science in order to produce the work.

It should be taken into account that the “Mostra art públic / Universitat pública” is shown in scientific and technical campuses. Most audience will be experts, as the faculties of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and the School of Engineering  are located in those campuses.

Those projects that are related to a research area of any field of study in the campuses will be awarded up to 1 point, as reminded in the selection criterion included in the guidelines. It will not be mandatory that you have gotten in touch when you present the project, but it will be mandatory that you have identified a possible need and resource.

What should you take into account when formulating your proposal?

Basic premises, such as:

  • The campus is open only during the day and therefore those facilities located outside that need darkness will not be selected as they cannot be seen by anyone.
  • Proposals should not put the public at risk at any time.
  • Almost all the faculty buildings are in continuous use, therefore the works must be able to coexist with the daily life of the location.
  • The campuses’ gardens are watered every day and there is a whole network of water pipes underneath the surface.
  • The budget that you propose must be real, because should the expenses be higher than expected or the total sum of money of the award, you would have to pay the expenses as well.

How is the setting up of the work done?

An external company specialized in assembling exhibitions will assist during the moment of assembling. The curator will establish the priorities and the time that the professionals will dedicate to each artist. The curator will also propose the time at which each work will be stopped.

The company will assist in the assembly, but not in the production of the work, so those with projects that require a production coordinated with the assembly must be available to reconcile both tasks. The curator will be a support for the artists at all times.