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The call for travel grants for volunteering activities in development cooperation projects for students of the Universitat de València aims to facilitate the participation of students in cooperation activities. These activities must be carried out within cooperation projects promoted by an NGDO or cooperation entity, and developed in structurally impoverished countries (included in the current cooperation master plans) or in other countries with which the University of Valencia traditionally maintains a cooperation relationship. For this, economic aids are granted to cover the travel and accommodation expenses derived from the participation in these activities. 

If in the academic year 2020-2021 you have participated or will participate as a volunteer with a NGDO or cooperation organisation in cooperation, solidarity and education for development activities, you can apply for these grants, which are announced by the University of Valencia and managed by the Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi).

Target group

Students enrolled in University of Valencia centres in the academic year 2020-2021, in official bachelor's and master's degrees. In the case of official interuniversity master's degrees, to access these grants, students must have formalised their enrolment and paid the corresponding fees at the University of Valencia.

Deadline for submitting applications

From 1 July to 10 October 2021.

Financial endowment

The maximum amount that can be received as a travel grant is calculated taking into account the place of destination and covers only travel and accommodation expenses.


To be eligible for these travel grants, the following requirements, among others, must be met:

  • To be enrolled for a minimum of 42 credits, in the case of undergraduate studies, or a minimum of 30 credits, in the case of master's studies. This minimum is not required in the case of study completion, part-time enrolment or regulatory enrolment restrictions.
  • Volunteering activities must have a minimum duration of 21 days.
  • Activities must take place between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2021.
  • The participation of beneficiaries in cooperation projects must be on a voluntary basis, without any financial remuneration from the organisation.
  • The organisations with which the activities are carried out must be registered in the NGDO Register of the AECID or in the Register of International Development Cooperation Agents of the Valencian Community.

Phases of the procedure and documentation

1.- Publication of the rules

2.- Application for aid

  • Access to the application form on the UV website.
  • Certificate of attendance at the activity issued by the organising entity, specifying the start and end dates of the stay and the tasks carried out (certificate model). 
  • Report of the activity drawn up by the applicant, indicating the tasks carried out and the actions in which he/she has participated, as well as an assessment of the experience and the activity (model report).
  • Invoices, receipts or tickets for travel and accommodation expenses.
  • In the case of official master's degree students, the personal academic transcript of the studies for which the student gained access to the master's degree, specifying the average mark out of 10. This document is not necessary if the studies for which the student gained access to the master's degree were taken at the University of Valencia.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance policy corresponding to the period during which the activity is carried out (point 2.3.2 of the conditions) and documentary proof that the applicant has been covered by the insurance policy.
  • Documentary proof of registration in the NGDO Register of the AECID or in the Register of Agents of International Cooperation for Development of the Valencian Community of the NGDO with which the activity is carried out.

3.- Granting

Do you have any doubts?

We recommend that you read all the terms and conditions of the resolution of the call for applications for these grants. Also, if you have any queries, you can write to us at