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In 2023, the  University of Valencia organises the 26th edition of the Mostra art públic / universitat pública, promoted by the Students' Delegation, organised by the Information and Promotion Service for Students (Sedi) and with the collaboration of the Vice-Principal's Office for Culture and Society.

Submission deadline

From 7 March to 25 April 2023, at 14:00.


Persons of legal age of any nationality or place of residence. Proposals can be submitted through an individual or collective application. Each participant or team can submit only one application and one project.

The winners of previous editions are not eligible for the following two editions.


Any kind of ephemeral public art project can be submitted for exhibition at the Universitat de València's Burjassot or Blasco Ibáñez campuses for a period of four weeks, fixed between September and December 2023. [Blasco Ibáñez Campus, pdf] [Burjassot Campus, pdf].

The following conditions shall be taken into account:

  • The intervention proposed in the project may in no case involve aggression or deterioration of the buildings, installations or the architectural and urban context of the campuses, nor may it interfere with the activities and work carried out in the university installations.
  • Art installations located outside the campuses have to be adapted to their outdoor location and daytime schedule, and therefore the materials and conditions of the installation have to guarantee resistance to the weather over a four-week period. Likewise, the indoor facilities also have to guarantee resistance.
  • The images and/or music used for the development of the projects may not be subject to property rights and, in any case, the artist is responsible for using and obtaining the rights to use both.


Applications must be submitted using the form available at the Virtual Office of the Universitat de València.

Those who are not members of the Universitat de València have to access from “Sistema Cl@ve” or sign up in the Virtual Office of UV; in this case, they have to access from “University user”, and once there, click “solicitor acceso” and follow the instructions on the platform. [Instructions for registering in the electronic office, pdf]

Criteria for the assessment of projects (up to 10 points)

The jury will apply the following criteria in the evaluation of the projects:

  • Artistic quality of the project (up to 5 points).
  • Relation of the projects to the object of the rules (up to 1.5 points).
  • Adaptation of the artistic interventions to the architectural space to the campus (up to 1 points).
  • Capacity for transformation, dynamisation and adaptation to the environment (up to 0.5 points).
  • Related to research lines in any research structure of the Universitat de València (up to 1 point).
  • Incorporation of the gender perspective in the definition of the projects (up to 0.5 points).
  • Incorporation of environmental sustainability criteria in the definition of the projects or in the use of materials (up to 0.5 points).


Economic award

The economic award for each of the 12 selected projects is €2,000. This endowment will be paid as follows: 50% after the resolution of the award and the other 50% once the exhibition has finished (including the dismantling of the installations and the delivery of an explanatory text of the work for the catalogue). The financial amounts indicated for each project are subject to the corresponding deductions and taxes applicable in each case.


The commissariat of the XXVI Muestra arte público / universidad pública is Alba Braza.


  • Alba Braza, commissariat of the Mostra art públic / universitat pública.
  • Esther Alba, Vice-Principal of Culture and Society of the Universitat de València.
  • Teresa Millet, PhD in Art History and curator of the Valencian Institute of Modern Art.
  • Carlos Almela, researcher and cultural manager.


You can consult this edition rules in the Bulletin Board of the Universitat de València.


You can email your doubts and queries to