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It is the highest representative body of the students of the University of Valencia. It consists of a delegation from each faculty and school, elected by the Assembly of Representatives of the Faculty or School and students of the Senate. It establishes and proposes the most appropriate measures to better defend the rights and interests of students. It also participates in the committees that are in charge of distributing grants and scholarships.


Aulari III
(First floor)
Av. Menéndez y Pelayo, s/n
46010 València
Telephone: 963864771 ext. 51387 (Telephone for administrative management)

Opening times
  • Personally, in the morning hours Monday through Friday from 9 h. to 14 hours, appointment.
  • Through e-mail
Internal Regulations regime

In the official bulletin board of the UV is available the Internal Regulations of the Assamblea General d'Estudiants (AGE). (Link in Valencian.)

Organisation chart
Office Name E-mail address
Coordinador Victor Herrera Latorre
Vocal Núria Aparisi Montagud
Vocal Nexus Aguayo Oliva
Vocal Cristina Cuenca Expósito