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Departments are in charge of coordinating courses in accordance with University planning. They foster research and other university activities within an area of knowledge or group of areas of knowledge which are related to the department and are justified from the academic standpoint with effectiveness and efficiency.

Duties of departments:

  • Assign and coordinate assigned courses in accordance with the planning of the faculty or school or centres where they are taught and make proposals for creating this plan.
  • Ensure that department members comply with their obligations.
  • Promote and coordinate research projects.
  • Support teaching and research activities and initiatives by department members as well as initiatives to improve the quality of services offered by the department.
  • Organise and develop postgraduate studies and specialisation courses within the area(s) of competence.
  • Ensure compliance with courses taught in the Valencian language offered each academic year.
  • Manage the budget.
  • Encourage and carry out UV cooperation activities with public or private entities in the area of competence.
  • Participate in the selection process of staff members who are required to work under current regulations.


Area of knowledge: Inorganic Chemistry

The Department of Inorganic Chemistry is responsible for the research, teaching and other university activities related to the area of knowledge: "Inorganic Chemistry".

Centres, Studies and Curricula

The Department of Inorganic Chemistry teaches in various centres the disciplines that belong to the area of knowledge "Inorganic Chemistry".


Faculty of chemistry

  • Degree in Chemistry 2010

School of Engineering

  • Degree in Chemical Engineering 2010
  • Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering 2010

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Degree in Pharmacy 2009
  • Degree in Food Science and Technology 2009
  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics 2009
  • Degree in Gastronomic Sciences

Faculty of Biological Sciences

  • Degree in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences 2009
  • Degree in Biotechnology 2009

Faculty od Phisics

  • Degree in Physics

The Department is attached to the Faculty of Chemistry since that is where it teaches the most core and compulsory subjects from the different studies in which it participates.