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Attendance to the annual seminar of Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation 2017 (SAAEI’17).

  • July 11th, 2017
seminar of Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation 2017

A Researcher of the Cátedra EMC participated in SAAEI’17 (Annual Seminar of Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation 2017) last 5th July at ETSE-UV through a presentation.

SAAEI is an annual conference, which aims to be a forum where specialists and researchers from universities, research centres and companies can share their work results, exchange ideas and form consortiums to carry out future projects with greater effectiveness and impact. The conference communications were focused on describing original works in the fields of automation, electronics and instrumentation and over 100 attendants could discuss about these topics.

This edition has been located at the School of Engineering of the University of Valencia the 5th, 6th and 7th July. The contribution of the Cátedra EMC was carried out by Adrián Suárez, one of its researchers who has presented the contribution titled CHARACTERIZATION OF FLEXIBLE ABSORBER SHEETS WITH AN EMC SCANNER SYSTEM. This work proposes an experimental method to evaluate the performance of Flexible Absorber Sheets (FAS) through measuring with an EMC scanner the ability of these sheets to attenuate electromagnetic noise.

The setup of this measurement method was described and the results obtained through studying the spatial radiated emissions diagram generated by the EMC scanner were explained. A large number of attendees were interested in these products and asked about more information of FAS.