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Social service professionals are trained in wellbeing with contemplative practices, guided by experts in the field.

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  • February 22nd, 2024
Team meeting

During November and December of 2023, the Interuniversity Chair for the Valencian Public System of Social Services led a series of training sessions.

Professors Ramon Rosaleny Castell and Ausiàs Cebolla Martí led the workshop titled “Wellness training based on mindfulness and other contemplative practices for Social Service professionals”. These training sessions, which totalled 20 hours, were specifically designed for professionals in the field to promote psychological wellbeing and a healthy work environment.

In an evermore demanding world that faces many social challenges, the psychological wellbeing of social service professionals and creating healthy work environments has become increasingly important. During the training sessions, the participants explored different strategies for improving their mental health and overall wellbeing. They discussed the theoretical basis of psychological wellbeing and had the opportunity to acquire new skills, such as mindfulness, to help them take care of their overall wellbeing. The attendees addressed other topics including the effective management of emotions, promoting positive emotions and encouraging compassion and altruism.

The sessions combined theoretical explications with practical application, which allowed the participants to mould these newly acquired skills and knowledge to their daily routine and create an individualised plan for self-care and wellbeing. The training adopted an approach that aimed to enhance the wellbeing and mental health of social service professionals by giving the necessary tools to face the inherent challenges of their line of work, while also promoting their overall wellbeing. The participants were very satisfied with the sessions and gave the training an excellent rating.