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This chair deals with three subjects that are closely connected and require specialised knowledge due to their innovative nature and their continuous legal reforms and case-law reviews.

On the one hand, there is the so-called control of transparency in recruitment through general conditions, which has established the obligation to inform consumers and users of the main economic and legal risks. Recent legislation has already incorporated these duties in real estate credit agreements, a regulation that should be extended to all contracting of financial products and services. The Valencian legislation on corporate civil liability has already begun to foster and promote the recognition of such practices by the public sector. However, this matter is also subject to continuous review and reinterpretation, both by the European Supreme Court and Court of Justice.

On the other hand, the Second Chance Law already constitutes the backbone of the more social sphere of civil law, as an exception to the system of universal patrimonial liability, but it is still a fragmentary and exceptional legislation that should cover more cases, beyond those that are contemplated, with difficulties in insolvency law, with the premise of exemption of unsatisfied liabilities.

This need to seek the viability of bankrupt companies, with a mechanism for restructuring and debt relief, is the seed of the EU Insolvency Regulation, while the Spanish bankruptcy system itself has begun a complex process of reform, with the new Consolidated Text of the Insolvency Law, whose specialised knowledge requires greater presence in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as in prestigious academic and professional forums, which justifies the need and opportunity for this “Jorge Muñoz” institutional chair for Transparency, Second Chance and Insolvency Law at the Universitat de València.