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The SEOFER Chair of Road Safety and Intelligent Mobility was born with the aim of creating a University-Business synergy, thanks to which significant progress can be made in two aspects increasingly demanded by our society: Road Safety and Intelligent Mobility.

In this way, we intend to commit to the creation of new ideas, initiatives and projects that, beyond traditional signalling systems, allow significant progress to be made towards the concept of "safe and connected infrastructure". All this based on the extensive experience of SEOFER, a company from Castellón with more than 25 years invested in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of road and urban road signs, together with the Universitat of València, more specifically with the Traffic and Road Safety Research Institute (INTRAS), an entity of recognised prestige and extensive experience in research projects on the aforementioned subjects.

In this regard, we understand that University-Business knowledge transfer is key to the functioning of R&D&I and to the progress of society. For this reason, in the context of the Chair, in addition to the relevant research work, training and dissemination activities of varying importance are also contemplated, among which we can distinguish:

  • Training activities
  • Research activities
  • Transfer and dissemination activities