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The Chair of Healthy, Active and Participatory Ageing (CESAP) is a Chair composed by the Valencia Town Hall and the Universitat de València, and created on March 27th 2017. The Chair’s philosophy focuses on sustainable aging of older persons in order to teach them how to care and prepare themselves to age better and feel safe when facing the process of getting old. It is an essential task in our society, because there are currently 200.000 valencians older than 60 years with special needs in aspects such as health and leisure.

The Chair provides counselling, updating and proposals in relation to the programs developed by the Councilor of Older Persons of the Valencia Town Hall. The Chair also represents a clear commitment to culture, training and research, and allows to guide the necessary actions in order to develop a healthy, active and participatory ageing, trying to make this a reality in every neighbourhood of our town.