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1st year

Total credits: 60 | Compulsory: 37, Optional: 23.
Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44359 Communication strategies, learning and social skills 3 Compulsory Check info
44355 Curricular research in social education: from epistemological diversity to methodological diversity 3 Compulsory Check info
44356 Research for social and educational action 3 Compulsory Check info
44352 The city as a research and a social education project 3 Compulsory Check info
44353 Educational relationship and resocialisation practices 4 Compulsory Check info
44375 External internships 6 Compulsory Check info
44354 Social and educational processes and research in the construction of the public sphere 3 Compulsory Check info
44357 Technologies for social and educational action 3 Compulsory Check info
44358 International trends in social and educational intervention 3 Compulsory Check info
44376 Master's final project 6 Compulsory Check info
Elective subjects 23 Optional

Elective subjects

Code Name Credits Type (of subject) Course syllabus, schedules, exams
44365 Children's rights, human development and social justice 3 Optional Check info
44373 Education in equality 4 Optional Check info
44361 Games as a resource of social and educational action 2 Optional Check info
44370 Assessment in mediation 3 Optional Check info
44374 Identity and ethics of the mediator 3 Optional Check info
44363 Individualized intervention: collection of information for intervention 3 Optional Check info
44367 Research on transitions between education and employment 3 Optional Check info
44360 Protection of minors 3 Optional Check info
44369 Community mediation 3 Optional Check info
44368 Family mediation 3 Optional Check info
44371 Intercultural mediation and migrations 3 Optional Check info
44366 Minors and social exclusion: historical perspective 3 Optional Check info
44362 Guidance and professional development for social and labour integration 3 Optional Check info
44364 Intenational perspectives of social and educational programmes for early childhood 3 Optional Check info
44372 Social and education policy for mediation and conflict resolution at school 4 Optional Check info