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  • Alumnes Màster Patrimoni Cultural

By the end of the Master’s degree, the students acquire the following competencies:

  • Ability to value the different manifestations of cultural heritage.
  • Ability to interpret and use application rules for their proper management.
  • Ability to use techniques and instruments for analysis, valuing, recovery and management
  • Ability to use techniques and instruments for their enhancement

Public Administration Sectors and Departments related to Cultural Heritage:

  • Museum and Exhibition rooms
  • Tourism Offices
  • Archives
  • Interpretation Centres
  • Tourism and Culture Departments
  • Preservation and Restoration Centres
  • Local and Regional Developmental Agencies
  • Heritage Institutes

Foundations, Companies, Public and Private Societies related to Cultural heritage:

  • Cultural tourism (planning, product and activity creation, guides, routes, development of strategical plans at a local and state level)
  • Managers, assessors and cultural invigorating
  • Documentarists
  • Preservers, technicians and museum auxiliaries
  • Development of studies on cultural heritage: directing plans, strategic plans and public studies
  • Professionals on ordination of territorial heritage (local, regional, community, state)
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