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The Official Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development, with a triple academic, professional and research guidance, considers a detailed analysis of the most significant aspects of human rights and current challenges of peace and non-violence and human sustainable development, delving in interdependence and complementarity reciprocal for these three challenges.

The Master’s Degree offers specialized complementary training for people coming from several areas. Hence, the Master’s degree has a clear professional projection, supplying with specialized training oriented to different activity areas: NGO workers, international and regional organization officials, national public functions in all levels (national, regional or local), journalism professionals, enterprise assessment in social corporative responsibility, etc. The qualification is especially appropriate for the training of volunteers.

The Master’s Degree presents a clear scientific interest that can contribute to the training of future researchers in the area of human rights, peace studies and non-violence and human sustainable development, subjects which currently constitute researching subjects of interest with an increasingly cross-disciplinary growth. On the other hand, the Master’s degree appears as a training part of an ulterior doctoral programme which can be accessed after obtaining the Master’s degree title.

According to the Master’s three orientations (academic, professional and researching), students have to choose between these two pathways:

Professional orientation (Includes a module for external work placement).
Academic-researching orientation (Includes a module on introduction to research. Allows carrying out voluntary work placements).