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Module Contents Teaching staff

Code: 43158

Linguistic and technological skills

Coordinator: Rafa Ramos

Descriptive linguistics Abelard Saragossà Alba
Applied terminology, lexicology and lexicography Rafael Roca Ricart
Normative references and language models Jesús Jiménez Martínez
Proofreading of specialised texts Joan Rafael Ramos Alfajarín

Code: 43159

Historical and cultural studies

Coordinator: Vicent J. Escartí

Bibliography and documentation in medieval literature and culture Vicent Josep Escartí Soriano
Bibliography and documentation on literature and culture in the modern age Vicent Josep Escartí Soriano
Bibliography and documentation in contemporary literature and culture Vicent Simbor Roig
Historical and philological analysis of texts Emili Casanova Herrero
Critical edition of texts and new technologies Antoni Ferrando Francés

Code: 43160

Multilingualism and interculturality

Coordinator: Miquel Nicolàs

Levels of culture: Popular and traditional culture, national culture and mass culture

Francesc Hernández Dobón

Intercultural pragmatics Miquel Nicolás Amorós
Contrastive linguistics Manuel Pérez Saldanya
Comparative Literature Ferran Carbó Aguilar
Theory and practice of translation Maria Josep Cuenca Ordinyana

Code: 43161

Orality and writing: analysis and production

Coordinator: Maria Josep Marín

Analysis of oral and written texts applied to teaching: narrative, descriptive and informative texts

Maria Josep Marín Jordà

Production and evaluation of oral texts Gonçal López-Pampló Rius
Production and evaluation of written texts Josep Vicent Garcia Raffi
Workshop on audiovisual communication and journalism German Llorca Abad

Code: 43162

Literary culture and education

Coordinator: Carme Gregori

Resources and skills for literary education

Carme Gregori Soldevilla

Image culture and teenage books culture
Gemma Lluch Crespo
Workshop on literary and theatrical creation Ramon Rosselló Ivars
Analysis of literary texts applied to teaching Vicent Simbor Roig
Spreading/dissemination of literary culture Carme Gregori Soldevilla

Code: 43163

Resources and materials for languages teaching/learning

Coordinator: Gemma Lluch

Evaluation and section of educational materials

Gemma Lluch Crespo

Code: 43164

Language Services

Coordinator: Miquel Nicolàs

Linguistic and intercultural mediation

Miquel Nicolàs Amorós

Code: 43165

Specialisation in Texts edition

Coordinator: Josep Enric Rubio

Editing business scientific-technical and academic texts Josep Enric Rubio Albarracín

Code: 43166

Specialised translation and new technologies

Coordinator: Josep Ribera

Translation of business scientific-technical and academic texts Josep Ribera