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Two or more Spanish, or foreign, universities design a curriculum together. Thus a single Master’s Degree official qualification is obtained, which will be implemented simultaneously and jointly issued by all universities involved.

The University of Alicante is a public, plural, friendly and young university with an excellent campus.

The University of Alicante is a young university able to adapt to the social changes and needs of our society. It is a comprehensive university covering all fields of knowledge with programmes in arts, sciences, social sciences and law, architecture and engineering, and health sciences, organised into six faculties and the polytechnic school. The UA promotes comprehensive human education for university members and has a powerful and varied cultural and sports programmes.

The UA is made up by around 3,800 faculty and staff members and 32,000 students in regular courses. This human capital is committed to overcoming the challenges of today's society with a job well done, with innovation and commitment to the public service. The UA also has health-oriented and accessible facilities.

We are a bilingual university but, moreover, we have started to be committed to multilingualism and plurilingualism of all the members. Therefore, we have incorporated English as one of the teaching languages. Also, some cultural activities and courses are available in English, French or other languages.

We are a Valencian and pro-European university, open to the Mediterranean and to all the world’s cultures, a university that annually hosts approximately 1,200 students and 2,000 foreign students from other regions of the Spanish state.

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