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Material resources

The Department of Physical and Sports Education of the University of Valencia and the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences are in the same building (Aulari V), located on Blasco Ibañez Campus, where it is expected to impart all or most of the training activities. On the Campus, equipment and facilities existing in the Faculty building are used as well as others from the   Sports Service of the University which is located next to the Faculty.


There is a total of 11 classrooms in the building of the Faculty, although with the progressive implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), they will be subdivided into 16 teaching spaces. The classrooms intended for the training process and the equipment thereof are suited to the number of students and the planned activities in the development of the training programme. Architectural barriers are removed for people with reduced mobility. These classrooms have the following equipment:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Single chairs with writing panel
  • Traditional blackboard
  • Projector
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Overhead projector
  • Video player and slide projector

Laboratories and special classrooms

  • Biomechanics Teaching Laboratory: The laboratory is prepared to perform automatic and dynamic kinematic analysis with dynamometer platform.
  • Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory: fitted with several ergometers (treadmill, cycloergometers and mechanically and electro-magnetically braked cycle ergometer), pH meters and blood electrolytes analysers, lactate analysers, electromyograph and 12-lead electrocardiograph.
  • Biomechanics Teaching Laboratory:
  • Sporting Performance Teaching Laboratory: Fitted with machines and equipment for bodybuilding exercises, cycle ergometer, treadmill.
  • Audio-visual Teaching Laboratory: equipped with computer and video display and recording stations. It has video editing software and others specific for the analysis of different sports, with data projection. This allows capturing images and collecting statistical data which serve to improve players technique and tactic programming team sports. Through this software several research projects as well as tests of the new software are developed.
  • Computer room or laboratory: it have enough computers equipped with the necessary software to carry out the practises of the various modules: Microsoft Office, Nudist Vivo software package, access to the databases attached to the University of Valencia (SI, Scopus, Medline, Pubmed...), training programmes for Polar heart rate monitors, bibliography managers as Refworks and statistical analysis programmes such as PASW Statistics 17. The classroom has also a digital whiteboard and a projector.

Sports infrastructure

  • Outdoor artificial turf field, which houses a football field with the possibility of splitting into two fields for 7-a-side football, equipped with artificial lighting.
  • Athletic facilities: 6-lane track with optimum pavement and a sand pit for horizontal jumping.
  • Three indoor arenas fitted with full equipment.
  • Body language room.
  • Judo tatami.
  • Outdoor sports facilities with artificial lighting.

Since some lessons and projects concerning modules 1 and 2 may require other kinds of sports facilities such as running tracks, swimming pools, gyms and fitness or wellness centres, the University of Valencia has signed an agreement with the Municipal Sport Foundation of Valencia City Council, which is annually renewed, for the use of their facilities having these features and thus offering full guarantees to teach high quality lessons.

Areas for research units

The Department of Physical and Sports Education has 3 Research Units with their respective physical spaces, fitted with computer equipment and other tools, and which serve as meeting and research place for its component members. These Units are the following:

  • Physical Activity and Pedagogy Research Unit (UTPAFIDE).
  • Physical and Sports Performance Research Unit (UIRFIDE).
  • Analysis of Sports Practice Research Unit (APD).


The “Psychology and Sports” library has the largest funds of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. It is located next to the Faculty building and is part of a new project of the University of Valencia in line with the creation of major libraries comprising funds from several centres, in this case from the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. Recently, the library has expanded considerably reading rooms areas, exhibitors, on-line consultation spaces and storage areas, and also new spaces for researchers, monitoring courses or small group practises has been created.

UV General Services

Available resources are not only those from the Department of Physical and Sports Education and the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences aforementioned, but also the general services of the University of Valencia among which the following stand out because of their usefulness for developing academic and research activities:

  • Resources available through the Library Services and Documentation with offices in the three campuses and specialised technical staff.
  • Sports Service Facilities in Blasco Ibañez Campus and Tarongers Campus.
  • Audio-visual laboratory.
  • Services and resources available through ADEIT University-Business Foundation.
  • University Languages Centre.